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We met two years in Central Saint Martins, UAL, where we both were studying at the time. We quickly realised that we have a lot of in common, as well are almost identical name and faith. We both were originally born in Bulgaria. Victoria moved from an early age to London, UK, Violeta to Berlin, Germany. As a duo we work interdisciplinary in film, performance, performative installations and dance. Currently we are working on a short film ''Fade & Float''.

Violeta Valcheva

Violeta is a director, creative producer and choreographer. ioleta M. Valcheva is a choreographer, director, writer, producer and video & sound designer, working with an interdisciplinary approach. Violeta’s body of work varies greatly in scale; she operates across a contrasting range of formats, from ascetic solos to group concepts, from dance to theatre, site-specific performances to video and AR installations. Violeta has worked in diverse productions in Berlin (galerie gerken, Reinbeckhallen Berlin, Gallery Weekend Performance Event 2019, Alte Münze, Theatermitte), London, Italy (Polverigi & Ancone) and Tokyo (CSM x TUA Artistic Project). 

Victoria Valcheva

Victoria is a multidisciplinary artist and actress, born in Burgas, Bulgaria and is currently based in London. Victoria studied BA Hons in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and has had her  work exhibited for Harlesden High Street projects Room of One’s Own and Midnight Cinema. In 2018 Victoria began her studies at Drama Centre graduating with an MA in Acting and gained the Les Visionnaires Scholarship for exceptional contribution in her chosen field of studies. In her work she explores her ongoing interest in performance, language, art and film. 

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FADE & FLOAT (2021)

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Set in a post communist world, the separation between two sisters leaves memories deeply ingrained in their home land. Fade and Float follows the return journey from abroad of Villy after her sister’s disappearance. The world she identified with no longer is the same and a new exploration of identity and home begins. The film includes elements of physical language as a metaphor to highlight an urge of escape and disembodiment. 


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