Invisible Nomads 

Invisible Nomads is a semi-autobiographical performance based on the themes of belonging, sisterhood and searching for a place to fit in the contemporary world. Through realistic and occasionally abstract elements, physical language and poetic text fragments, the piece explores the connection between two sisters, their emotional tie and one sister’s recollected memories. Focusing on the broken relationship between the sisters and how only through memories are they able to keep each other alive and close to one another.

The project was originally devised as a dance theatre piece for the Studio Theatre, King's Cross London to be premiered on the 27.04.2020. Due to the pandemic the show was cancelled. 

In times of quarantine ''Invisible Nomads'' 

Audioplay and zoom recorded performance: 

Produced, written and devised by: Violeta M. Valcheva

Sound design and editing: Violeta M. Valcheva 

Collaborator: Victoria Valcheva 

voice recording: Elly Rutherfold and Victoria Valcheva 

3D rendering: Aziza Kadyri 

To access the full script and the audiobook, please contact me on:

3D set & costume design rendering 

made by Aziza Kadyri 

designed by Violeta M. Valcheva 

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