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Violeta M. Valcheva is a director, writer, creative producer and video & sound designer, working with an interdisciplinary approach. She is the co-founder of the collective Diverted Traffic and the founder of VVs Productions. As an artist, Violeta’s body of work varies greatly in scale; she operates across a contrasting range of formats, from ascetic solos to group concepts, from dance to theatre, site-specific performances to video and AR installations. As well as choreographing her own performances, she worked as a dancer and curator in Berlin. She often collaborates with designers and performers for both commercial, as well as community and independent productions. Violeta has worked in diverse productions in Berlin (galerie gerken, Reinbeckhallen Berlin, Gallery Weekend Performance Event 2019, Alte Münze, Theatermitte), London, Italy (Polverigi & Ancone) and Tokyo (CSM x TUA Artistic Project). 

Parallel to her creative path, Violeta also works commercially as a creative producer and artistic advisor, with focus on branding, curating, post-production and creative storytelling. Violeta is a highly communicative and motivated individual with an integrity, a strong editorial head and a proficient multi-linguist. She has lived and worked in Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and Italy. She can assist individuals and companies in organising and creating narratives for their individual purposes and translate them into visual concepts and cultural actions.

Interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration are the way forward, according to Violeta.  Throughout her life, Violeta has lived in different countries and is fluent in multiple languages, thus greatly informing her way of devising and working. She speaks fluent Bulgarian, English, German, Italian and good French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

She graduated with Distinction in MA Performance Design & Practice at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Currently Violeta is post-producing her first short film ''Fade & Float'' and working as a Digital Producer on an online show in the UK. 


Berlin - London - Barcelona

Upon request a portfolio and a CV can be sent. 

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